Ballerina. (15"x19") 1472 by Matrenin Posad

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 Printed Tapestry Canvas - Ballerina.

You are looking at a full color printed canvas only, from Matrenin Posad. This will need to be stitched using a good quality Embroidery Floss (Molyneux), a full recipe of required shades and quantities is printed on the canvas, molyneux you have to buy their own on the proposed numbers. The design is full color printed on Aida 14, and should be embroider the canvas, usually in two strands, sometimes three floss thread using the needles 24. Embroidery is recommended to cross, possibly including beads, ribbons, half-cross - to the individual cells.

The item will be shipped  banded to fit an envelope.

Thank you for looking.

  • Made in Russia on 100% cotton penelope canvas.
  • Dimensions: 28x34cm 11"x13" full size, 19x26cm 8"x12" design size.
  • Canvas: Aida 14 treads/inch
  • The 19 colors guide chart for Anchor and DMC Embroidery Floss are printed on the sides of canvas.
  • Embroidery floss/yarn are not included.

Thank you for looking.