Flowers Peony. (12"x16") L-15 by Charivnytsya

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Stramin Zweigart is coated with a pattern (100% cotton), broken into cells for ease of embroidery.

This embroidery thread embroidered or beaded. If desired, you can combine several techniques, such as embroidering background thread, and foreground objects - beads.

Embroidery thread, you will need cotton floss or thin woolen thread. If you are embroidering cross embroider 3-4 addition. If you are embroidering half-cross, embroider 6 additions.

For embroidery with beads beads caliber you need 10/0. Using beads with different coatings (clear, colored, matte, glossy, and so on.) You can achieve interesting effects.

Key Product Features:
  • Made in Ukraine on 100% cotton penelope canvas.
  • Dimensions: 12"x16" 30x40cm full size, 9"x13" 24x35cm design size.
  • Canvas: Stramin Zweigart 4 treads/cm.
  • The 10 colors guide chart for Embroidery Floss are printed on the sides of canvas.
  • Embroidery floss/yarn are not included.